1. We are committed to maintain the confidentiality of customer data and implemented procedure to protect. Should personal data is transferred to someone other than authorized company staff, We will ensure that it is also compliance with the data security and privacy principles. In such cases, customer's consent will be obtained.
  2. Information will be collected upon collection or delivery of products in regards to the licensing compliances set for Special Educational Pricings.
  3. Customers' particulars obtained are solely for the purposes of completing sales transactions.
  4. Customers' consent will be sought if information is used for purposes other than completing sales transactions, internal marketing and billing during information collection.
  5. Customers will be given the option not to have their information disclosed for purposes other that of completing sales transactions.
  6. Customers' confidential data will be protected during the transaction process and after the transaction has been completed.
  7. Customers' data will be kept in agreement set with MOE on the Licensing Compliances.
  8. We will ensure that personal information is collected directly from the customer unless the information is publicly available or has the authorization given by the customer.
  9. We do not tamper with customers' browsers or computers without obtaining prior permission.
  10. We will erase customers' personal information once they are no longer needed.